Few days ago started to suspend accounts of our editors without any previous notice, if this continues we will be forced to drop uploaded from our list of filehosts and search for alternative. Meanwhile we are suggesting you not to buy or extend premium accounts on uploaded until this is sorted. Thanks.

Good news, we managed to move site to new and improved server so hopefully there will be no downtime in future.

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Uploaded Issue – Recent Downtime

Uploaded Issue – Recent Downtime

2 Responses to Uploaded Issue – Recent Downtime

  1. lectrous says:

    Uploaded is one of the fastest filehosts. There is obviously a campaign to get rid of and steer people away from Uploaded. If there is a monetary motive it would serve you better to be up front about it. I personally feel a degree of loyalty to IIDDL and so your sincere appeal, I believe, would have a better outcome. It feels pretty transparent to have people stay away from Uploaded because it doesn’t benefit this site financially. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Charlie says:

    Uploaded is by far the best file host i have ever used and your links to it are the reason i came to your site a long time ago. Hopefully you will do the smart thing and stick with them!

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